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Football – Goal for gamblers

Football is a game of goals. A game which has a lot of time. And such time of leisure is usually converted into gambling times by players in order to fix boredom. Waiting time are gambling times for players. Young players earn a lot through gambling. There is another game off the pitch for footballers. A game to relax and played without physical activity, much like the online horse racing betting game for enthusiasts. Check it out some of my reliable tips were from www.punterslounge.com

Online Gambling – A player need not have to leave his seat to place a bet with growing internet connectivity. When you enter the dressing room behind the pitch, you see every player with smartphones. They are all busy over it may it be checking emails, Facebook, twitter, texting, calls, Instagram and researching the next bet. Football players at a very young age learn a lot over betting. They have a lot of spare time to place a bet and so gambling is one of the favorite pass times for footballers.  There phones to act as casinos or game slots.

The mind game – At a very young age, football players involve themselves in betting. Initially, they used to invest a part of their earnings in betting online. This slowly turned into an addiction. Gambling is such a huge race. It has a variety of games one can get out of the apps or downloads to your tablet/laptop. Gambling offers portable betting places. Wherever you are, you just need a smartphone or a tablet to go on betting along with some predictions and calculations. The mind game is the ruler. With such mental games, it is sure to affect one’s performance on the actual pitch. When you lose the bet while gambling you are sure to perform badly on the pitch. You can't get a goal meaning you are not able to concentrate because you have lost your hard earned money.

Ill effects of gambling on a football pitch – Gambling by young footballers while not on the pitch created a serious problem for the game. Some of the country’s best players started getting involved in gambling online and the game witnessed a lot of underperformances because they had to cope with big financial losses. One of the players from the biggest football clubs has admitted that they played high stakes poker games in the green room or at hotels to come out of their boredom before the match would start. If they lost often, it would lead them to play badly.

When an all time winning country starts losing the game repeatedly or sees underperformances on the pitch there is always a call for the reason. Likewise, when a thorough check out was done, a research team suggested that playing the mind game had diverted the players from performing well on the pitch. Gambling is considered as a problem among footballers with several players with high expertise speaking about the financial trauma it has caused. Even players who worked hard to reach the pitch for international league tournaments, got themselves to perform really bad after they involved themselves in gambling. There are surveys which witness this and such players are classed as ‘problem gamblers’. The research was conducted as part of a routine by the player’s federation which involved confidential interviews with some professional footballers from thepremier and international leagues. The outcome showed that many of them chose online sports betting, horse, and dog racing and also to bet at the casinos. When they were away from the pitch or at hotels for a break, they would prefer going to the casinos at night. If they lost, it would be traumatic and could not play the next day’s football match properly.

Football players are one of the huge earning players amongst national games. So they are high-profile gamblers too. They always bet huge amounts. Significant sums of money go on betting at a young age and such players are vulnerable to gambling addiction. Las Vegas is known as the most popular destination for footballers on roulette.co.uk. You can find a lot of footballers at this betting place.

Legality of internet gambling- With the ill effects on a country’s performance in national games, the U.S urged the court to announce internet gambling as illegal. But it was the world trade center considering revenue through taxes. So a set of rules for taxes were laid without calling it illegal. Even though no arrests have been made, footballers are counseled to stay out of gambling for the betterment of their performances.

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