About me

I was a distinctly average, high profile player of the premier football league. I admit that I have lost upto $2 million due to my addiction to gambling. Footballers spend huge sums of money at the track or on online casinos and we think it is hardly a phenomenon. But it is just not a pass time, but a huge mind changer. The mindset goes weary after losing a bet.  I have had a massive gambling problem in the past and have to be classed as the problem gambler in the team. Nobody could predict my performance in a particular match because it was dependent on my mindset. The betting of last night ruled the pitch, for more tips visit us at www.punterslounge.com. I have been like a journeyman who has played for clubs such as Watford, Nottingham Forest, Cardiff and Norwich along with the premier leagues.

All this never stopped me from getting bored when there was no match or a prolong wait for a pitch to get ready. That would bring in some boredom and I would catch up with online betting. I earned well and almost half of my earning initially was spent on betting. I was overwhelmed when I won the bets and my money increased. I would kick goal after goal in the match of football whenever I earned well on gambling. Then came the time when I had a loss. I started putting big money on betting and lost a lot along with having debts. This changed my mindset and I start deteriorating in my performances. It was pathetic over the pitch.

I underwent a lot of counseling and lost years of my life undergoing rehabilitation to come out of the habit of gambling. At a young age, I was a good player and could have continued to be the best player had I not involved myself in gambling. I lost my name, my game and my money all to gambling. Now after rehabilitation, I am slowly coping to get back to play over the pitch.